Our top priority is to train your companion to suit your personal lifestyle. We place an emphasis on sociability, education and training to the highest standards to protect you, your family and property.

1. Selecting Top Dogs

Our first step is to select the best dogs from proven protection lineages.  We choose dogs for mental stability, sociability and physical strength.

2. Education and Socialization

To meet our high standards, your dog will be trained for months in various environments to prepare for the real world. Basic commands to be performed on and off leash include, but are not limited to:

  • Recall to your side for optimum control and affect
  • Sit, Down, Stay, Place for good social manners and impulse control
  • Heel at your side for a good relationship, and the feeling of protection
  • Entering and exiting your vehicle with control 
  • A formidable bark on command

A stable and well socialized dog is essential for excellent reliable protection.  Your dog will be pleasant to live with in your home and with the people you love.  In public, your dog will be confident and safe.  Harmony is dependent upon good obedience.  Therefore, we devote months of training focusing on details needed for excellent obedience.  

3. Protection

In addition to obedience, we prepare your dog to be attentive and to defend you, your loved ones and your property.


Dogs have a keen ability to hear and perceive noises that we do not. After adapting to your home and developing an attachment to you and your loved ones, your dog will know how to exercise the “watch” command to alert you of an unwanted presence or disturbing noises.


Your dog will have the ability to prevent harm, if necessary, by barking at strangers, either spontaneously or on command.


The two essential lines of defense are to watch for danger and prevent an altercation. We are in Alliance with you, and upon your request train your dog to respond to imminent danger with the appropriate physical response based on the situation.

4. Personnalization

Protection dog training is based upon understanding your needs. Your dog will be chosen and trained to your specific expectations, your lifestyle, your choices.

For example, if you and your family live in a quiet neighborhood, your dog will understand to be quiet unless commanded to bark. Or, possibly you need a dog to alert when someone approaches your property, without command. Maybe you have a family with young children. We will select and train your dog to be in harmony with the treasured people in your life, while keeping them safe as well.