We chose the name Alliance because it defines our values and commitment to each of our client’s needs. We listen to you, learn about your life and tailor your dog’s training to fit. We are also in alliance with the dogs we provide. We train through motivation, to build an alliance between man and dog that is based on mutual trust and respect.

Customized, reliable, training that aligns with our respect for you and the dogs we train

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A rigorous selection of the best dogs and personalized training to satisfy your needs. We are here for the duration of your partnership with your dog. and an assured follow-up.

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Adapting your dog’s training to meet your needs (lifestyle, characteristics of the protection sought…).

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Animal welfare is a central concern for Alliance Protection Dogs. We will educate and train your dog by choosing the techniques to fit your dog’s personality and motivation. We respect each dog’s abilities and limitations.

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The alliance

The first of our values is based on the bond between dog and man, a life companion who brings you affection and protection.

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Knowing your life context, your expectations and your needs are our priorities.

“The quest for customer satisfaction with the relationship between dogs and humans as the core value.