Stéphane BRIÈRE

Years of experience

“My parents were amateur breeders of Rottweilers, Dobermanns, Beaucerons and hunting dogs (German Shorthaired Pointers, Fox Terriers, Dachshunds). They actively participated in regional and national confirmation shows.

In my teenage years, I was interested in dog training, specifically protection sports which combine jumps, obedience and controlled biting. Dog training, psychology, and finding solutions quickly became a passion and a constant quest that has never left me.

As a student, my first summer job allowed me to acquire my first dog, a Belgian Malinois Shepherd, and then a German Shepherd.
Over time, I have enriched my knowledge of training alongside the best trainers in France and abroad, climbing to the top of all levels of competition.

As my father shared his knowledge with me, I am happy to pass on my passion and knowledge to my son Quentin. He has experienced all of our adventures from a young age, sharing life with dogs. From a young age, he quickly wanted to participate in training in order to take part in our sporting successes.”

“A passion passed down through
the generations.”

Quentin BRIÈRE

“I have loved animals since I was little; a passion passed on to me by my parents. I had my first dog at the age of 12, a French Bulldog named Heros. At the age of 16, I was licensed in an authorized club recognized by the French Federation.

I began competing French Ring Sport with dogs at the age of 16 and became a certified decoy at the age of 18. French Ring Sport has given me the opportunity to learn and deepen my training skills from the best trainers in the world.

In conjunction with dog training, I continued my studies and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management at the University of Angers, France in 2020.

I have traveled internationally, which has enriched my personal and professional life. I began training dogs in the United States in 2017 and in Mexico in 2021. I assist in training seminars alongside my father and continue to advance my knowledge in dog behavior.”

  • Assistant training decoy for several dogs in the French Ring final
  • Level 1 French Ring decoy at 18 years old
  • Level 2 French Ring decoy at 20 years old
  • 15 competitions as a decoy throughout western France
  • 2 1st place French Ring level 1 competitions with Eden Roc

Passion, diligence and knowledge”

Our guiding principles

  • Positive reinforcement above all else: rewards and gratification for each successful behavior.
  • Establish a relationship of trust and consistency.
  • The idea of training progressing and changing to adapt to each dog.
  • Personalized training with respect for each dog and each owner.
  • Understanding the personality and strengths of each dog and owner.
  • Offer support to the owner so that he/she learns to communicate better with his/her dog.
  • Adapting the training for the dog to match each owner.
  • Proper integration of each dog into his home and family life.