Belgian Shepherd Malinois Male

49 months - Born may 11, 2020

Ramon is a calm and affectionate dog who adapts to the lifestyle that is offered to him.

Thoughtful, he is sociable with humans, children, and male or female dogs. He immediately makes a difference between relatives and strangers when he meets someone.

Trained in protection, he will know how to make you feel safe in all circumstances.

Ramon is reserved… Contact us to discuss your needs.

Chien de garde Ramon
Chien de garde Ramon
Videos Equipments

In addition to a beautifully trained protector and companion for your family we also provide:

⭐️ Free transportation to your door,

⭐️An in depth lesson on dog handling and help integrating your new dog into your household,

⭐️ Dog bed,

⭐️ Any training equipment you will need to keep up with your dog’s skills,

⭐️ Follow up lessons and support for the lifetime of your dog.