To feel safe, protect your property and your family, there’s nothing like a protection dog. But among all the dog breeds, what to choose?

Protecting your home requires a strong, loyal, responsive, and intelligent dog. But you also have to think about contact with your family, especially if you have children. Mental stablity, environmental stability, and physical strength are the three main characteristics that a good protection dog should have.

To help you in your choice before buying a protection dog, discover the 6 best breeds to guard you, your family and your home!

Chien de garde Ryuk


The German Shepherd is the dog that comes to mind most frequently when thinking of a protection dog. The French police and military organizations recognize the reliability of the German Shepherd, and most frequently chose the breed to carry out their patrols and missions.

The German Shepherd is as intelligent as he is loving and courageous. This purebred dog remains very imposing, despite its weight, usually between 25 and 40 kg.

However, thanks to its thick and soft coat (which must be brushed very often), the German Shepherd has an impressive build, as well as a developed musculature that leaves no one indifferent.

Athletic and robust, the German Shepherd is also very affectionate by your side.

Chien de garde Rocky


Alliance Protection Dogs own Malinois and, we can assure you that these dogs are companions of love and can care for you and your family. Their situational intelligence allows them to adapt to any situation, in your presence but also when you are away.

The Belgian Malinois is the mascot for police forces in many countries around the world. Smaller than German Shepherds, the Belgian Malinois Shepherd has energy and a daily joie de vivre to spread.

They are very affectionate dogs who put their reactivity and vivacity at the service of your protection.

If we had to define the Belgian Malinois in 3 words: reliable, intelligent and tireless.


With a powerful physical presence, and a hoarse voice, he is naturally dissuasive for anyone with malicious intentions. This calm dog always shows up for good reasons.

Affectionate towards those close to him, he is a loyal and reassuring companion in all circumstances.

Calm and vigilant, his guarding instincts makes him a precious ally in alerting, preventing and guarding the territory assigned to him. If necessary, the Rottweiler has the courage to face and win against intruders.


As powerful as he is loyal to his master, the Doberman Pinscher is extremely reliable in protecting your home and family.

The Doberman Pinscher has a natural distrust of strangers, which enhances their effectiveness as a trained guard dog. He knows how to warn his master in the event of a strange or abnormal event, but also to intervene when his training teaches him.

Dobermans are also excellent, loving and endearing companion dogs who will do whatever they can to defend their families.


The cane corso is a larger dog than the breeds mentioned above. Its weight is between 40 and 50 kg.

With his imposing and charismatic appearance, he exudes an impressive deterrent force as well as a deep and hoarse bark.

Originally from Italy, the Cane Corso is an affectionate dog with you but will not hesitate to show off when you ask him.


With its imposing and muscular appearance, the Great Dane is also a first choice watchdog.

His impressive bark and visible musculature do not detract from his affectionate charm, with his family and with the children.

Which watchdog should you choose to protect your home?

To protect your belongings, your family and your home, it is important to choose the right guard dog. Courageous, affectionate, impressive, responsive and intelligent: the perfect watchdog also depends on your expectations and the peculiarities of your home.

But what matters most about your protection dog is its training. Entrust your protection needs and expectations to Alliance Protection Dogs, and enjoy tailor-made training for your efficient protection dog!